Our training workshops consist of 2-3 hours and they will offer the keys to the image. From a completely practical form will explain the importance of aligning the company´s image with those who work in it. Always considering the profile of your company, your corporate ideology and goals of communication.

You can choose the following workshops:

Personal image workshop
Get the style of your company taking into account the philosophy of the company and the image you want to project. Learn to choose the best clothes for a meeting, a conference, an intense day of work, a presentation…

Visagism workshop
Strengthening the ability of the factions in your face through the best use of hairstyle, makeup, glasses (if its your case) and accessories.

Nonverbal communication workshop
Discover the importance of gestures and nonverbal communication in your personal relationships: Many studies confirm that reaches a far greater influence than the words or explanations.

Workshop to learn business
Learn the keys to the rules of social behavior and takes advantage of the formulas when knowing how to do business, close deals or interact with your employees.