Training is a value both to the employer and workers. It is also an essential element in any company to improve the tools and know in depth the potential of the team that way.

With training Seminars in Personal Style we adapt to your specific needs in both corporate and brand communication protocol and verbal / non verbal.

Staff training in the company image
Seminar executives and entrepreneurs seeking to improve their image and bring it fully to your company. With Personal Style you would learn to communicate the philosophy of the company you want through your image.

Training to learn to be entrepreneurial and protocol
In Personal Style we show you the established social codes, the professional etiquette and social skills that every entrepreneur must have to achieve differentiation. The perfect way to reinforce the personality of the company through its visible officers.

Nonverbal communication training
Gestures and nonverbal communication have become the real drivers of personal and professional relationships. Several studies confirm that it is more effective the attitude or gesture than the words. In Personal Style we show you how to communicate the objectives you want through the way you move, look, your gestures, the way you walk…